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AIlleurs/Otras Aguas 2021/2022

Made in the seas of Croatia, Portugal and Denmark. The project demonstrates a rhythmic and meditative habit that is born from the concern to slow down the process of observing the daily landscape in these distant territories, but all sheltered by the salt waters. These images linked through the fluidity of the vital element, evoke psychic energies related to the memory of the immediate natural space and the way in which we inhabit it.
Man's need to irrevocably conquer what he himself calls the natural or wild is evident, which is nothing more than the environment and its random growth. In the same way, it is understood how artistic culture in general has sought, for more than a century, to transcend the visual mimesis of nature in a need to replicate that which goes beyond beauty; that is, the sublime. However, this process points to my understanding of the idea that the sublime is unattainable in terms of the artificial; sublimity becomes a condition of the chaotic, of the organic, that the human being, by his own means, can represent; but not create.

When man encounters something that exceeds his chances of being replicated, he understands his insignificance before the world


Realizada en los mares de Croacia, Portugal y Dinamarca. Evidencia un hábito rítmico y meditativo a través del lente fotográfico. Las olas aquietadas muestran la ilusión de que se ha dominado lo que siempre será caos y materia sin forma.
Las imágenes enaltecen el acuoso paisaje, usándolo como elemento narrativo y aprovechando su dimensión espiritual.
"Se necesita tener un mar siempre cerca
del cuerpo y del alma
que nos recuerde
cada vez, que somos

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