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Ahora es tiempo de abrir todos los caminos 2022

The work addresses the Colombian landscape as a stage in which a series of poetic powers
are produced. The confluence of calm and mystery that the landscape transmits to me
announces its own destruction, its silence, loaded with omens, leads me to a
predisposition to the experience of loss.
These photographs invite viewers to reconsider their initial perceptions and beckons us to
explore the paradoxical coexistence of beauty and exploitation in our world. As we
immerse ourselves in this tropical paradise, we are also confronted with the hidden costs
of environmental abuse. In this vibrant paradox, the project seeks to inspire a more
equitable and sustainable future, where the harmony between humanity and the
environment is prioritized.

Raíces de Ceiba.jpg
Tarde bajo la lluvia.jpg
Hatei Tumu.jpg
Bosque húmedo.jpg
Sonido de cascada.jpg
Traspasa la piel.jpg
Sendero de Espinas.jpg
La montaña sagrada.jpg
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